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Photograph by Dwija Arsana
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 Photography & Graphic Design
Respect each other 

I am Dwija Arsana a photographer & graphic designer based in Bali.

I grew up and spent my childhood memories in Kintamani, one of Bali’s best destinations which has beautiful and exotic view in the Northeastern part of Bali.

In 2007, After studying Graphic Design Bali. I spent my time and the few years after graduation working in the hospitality industries. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be doing what I do.

For me, every single moment is meant to be captured, since the inspiration comes from everything around me.

I try to share my passion trough photography and everyone that I work with.

If you would like to consider collaborate together, I would love to connect with you.

Formal Education

2006-2007 - Diploma
Diploma Graphic Design & Multimedia, Bali

2008-2012 - Bachelor Degree
Bachelor Degree, Major Graphic Design & Multimedia





My Logo

Logo is never ending story, but is worth to tell

The story behind it, the simplest logo design ever

This is not my very first logo design, I'm an old-styled person who seeking for a clean and simple logo as possible.

After spend my time quite a lot finally i came up with the simplest logo design ever, the logo it self comming from two letter A from my name dwijA Arsana and combined together as a logo.

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